Protect your operators from harmful steam and fumes during weighing thanks to our extractor hood.

After three years of tests in laboratories as well as digital simulations, our R&D team has developed smart-Flow, an extractor hood that captures 99% of pollutants. Its promise: lowering harmful effects from CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic) substances on your operators while ensuring an optimal accuracy during the weighing of these products. Conceived without draft shield, smart-Flow allows a more comfortable position for the operator who performs recurring weighings. At the end of each of the operation, the hood automatically switches off in order to reduce the energy expenses; exploitation costs are then divided by 30.


smart-Flow's strengths

  • Operators’ utmost safety: 99% of pollutants are captured at source. Intuitive use.
  • Undisturbed weighing: conceived for a weighing with an accuracy of 1/100 and 1/1000 gram, without draft shield.
  • Efficiency/reduction of energy expenses: the flow is divided by 6. The system automatically switches off when not in use. Exploitation costs are divided by 30. The average ROI after the installation of a smart-Flow is less than 3 years.
  • Réduction du bruit. 
  • Open work environment: thanks to its light measurements, smart-Flow allows space savings and more work stations.

To summarize

• Operator’s utmost safety

• Undisturbed weighing 

• Reduced energy expenses


• Automatic switching on when a container is detected

• Automatic nozzles adjustment

• Flow rate control

• Alerts  


• Fans with variable air flow rate

• Air speed: 0,5m/s

• Sensor for differential pressure 


• 220VAC/24VDC power supply

• On-board control/command systems

• Electrical protections


• RJ45 Ethernet connector

• Wifi device