Multifunctional booths for olfactory tests

Through our multifunctional booths, test your products’ olfactory behavior in real-life situations and get more accuracy. Set the scenario of your choice to evaluate an odor’s power and persistence in various contexts.
Every setting is variable in order to refine contexts and results’ reliability. As a true marketing tool, our booths will allow you to meet your customers’ expectations in the best way possible.
The environment’s neutrality between two tests insures accurate and optimal results.
Finally, our booths’ design and performances are good assets to showcase to your customers during showrooms, thus highlighting your expertise and savoir-faire.


smart-Booth’s strengths

    • Scenarios program: customize your scenario according to your needs and expectations
    • Neutrality between two tests ensures the reliability of your results
    • In context simulations for complete immersion
    • Customized booth to meet your expectations
    • Marketing tool: sharpen your selling points with qualitative results
    • Showroom: reveal your expertise and the quality of your products to your customers through breathtaking simulations.

Main strengths

• Sealed oculus

• No water or odour retention

• Easy cleaning and maintenance

• Good resistance to personal care and domestic use products


• Automatic management of every booth

• Preprogrammed procedures

• Management of the LED light

• Waterlight Power plus

• Temperature and humidity monitoring

Air flow

• High performance cleaning mode

• Adjustable Airlight damper with flow sensor (power and disposal)

• ATEX exhaust system

• LEL detection system

• Low flow up to 1 volume per hour to simulate larger volumes

Water supply

• Adjustment of the water’s temperature

• Selection of the water supply (sink, shower, showerhead or bath)

• Retention of water in the shower basin / sink for flowering test

• Watertight


• Booths management program 

• Live monitoring, traceability and alerts (text message, email)

• Create your own protocols

• Protocols for planned trials

• Link several smart-Booths for simultaneous trials

• Built-in disposal module