In order to support our industrial clients, we built a 1000 square meter workshop where we offer customized solutions and accurate sizing. Our prefabricated systems are tested, approved before disassembly and integrated in real environment through 3D simulations beforehand. We undertake a mapping of the location in advance to insure turnkey solutions, of all sizes, suitable to our clients’ expectations and environment.
Once prefabricated, our products are quickly installed, allowing manufacturers to save time and money. Fast, accurate and qualitative, all our products are produced in our workshop, ensuring traceability and reliability to our customers.


Easier work site planning 

Through 3D scan, we collect accurate data to conceive the best solution for you, as soon as possible.

One step assembly for a quicker project

By spending the least amount of time on your work site, we prevent heavy disturbances for your activity, thus optimizing your productivity.  

Weather proof worshop

Carrying out the fabrication in our sheltered workshop allows us to offer you qualitative equipment, not subjected to unexpected hazards or delays due to weather conditions.

Costs optimization

We are onsite solely for the assembly of your solution, therefore preventing your from stopping or slowing down your productivity for too long.

Improvement of the safety 

Our workers are familiar with accident prevention measures and safety norms. Work coordinators also supervise our teams daily. 

Better waste management and recycling habits

We handle the management of waste and pollutants produced on our work sites, in order to limit our environmental impact.