Protect your operators against emanations of products stored and confined in a fridge.

In the laboratories, operators often manipulate substances including CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic) chemical agents.
In order to comply to the safety norms, our R&D division conceived smart-Cool to protect your operators and optimize your processes. 
Our device ventilates inside enclosures such as fridges before the door is opened. The operator simply needs to start the smart-Cool by pressing a button in order to renew the air inside the fridge. The smart-Cool’s door will then be unlocked automatically.


smart-Cool's strengths

  • Operator’s safety
  • Intuitive use
  • Easily implemented to new and former enclosures
  • Safe storage of dangerous products
  • ATEX version available to store explosive / inflammable products
  • Smart system that reduces the energy costs

Control box

• Bright activation switch

• Indicator light when the door is open

• Warning light

• Door strike

• Sensor when the door is closed

• Warning sound


• Control of the opening of the door

• Automatic extraction cycle

• Flow rate control

• Temperature monitoring (ST option)

• Alerts 


• 3 overpressurization shutters (2 air inlets and 1 air outlet)

• Fast analogic motorized register 

• Sensor for differential pressure 

• Temperature probe (ST option)

• Fan with variable speeds (V option)

• 2 protection grating with insufflation + filter


• 220VAC/24VDC power supply

• On-board control/command system

• Electrical protections


• RJ45 Ethernet connector (E option)

• Wifi device (W option)