We help you with your projects through comprehensive and customized solutions, so your activity remains your only priority.  From pilots to exploitation, our teams assist you in the making of distinct products.
Whether your project is a creation or reorganization, we guarantee:

A technical conception, suitable to your needs

A good command on the installation

Reliable, functional and durable products

The optimization of your existing installations and their updating to standards

Prefabricating your solutions in our workshop ensures that no time is wasted, assures an optimized productivity, along with customized results and high quality in the installation. Learn more about the prefabrication.

Our expertise extends to various activities in order to insure a comprehensive solution:


• Ice-water production and distribution
Heat recovery systems
• Climatic cabinet (for controlled-atmosphere storage)
• Cold and low temperatures
• V.R.V., Roof-Top Systems


• Air treatment: air decontamination / deodorization

• Temperature, humidity, air quality and pressure control

• Ventilation, hygiene and safety: ensures a high safety for the operators

OS-Clean Room

• Production units
• Laboratory
• Research center

OS-ATEX Environment

• ATEX Compliance

• Area decommissioning

• Installation retrofit

OS-Industrial Process

• Development of turnkey units, geared towards your industrial processes

• Units, drying and ventilation systems systèmes de séchage, de ventilation

• Hydraulic skids

OS-Energy Optimization

• Energy recovery

• Execution of ESC (Energy Savings Certificates)

• Optimization scenarios

Environment & Safety
  • Our intervention is environmentally-friendly and take care of the wellbeing of users inside and outside the building site. Hence why we make sure to preserve our natural resources and lower the environmental impact by managing the production of waste and pollution on the working site. We are accustomed to busy production areas and simultaneous work with various trades.

    We are also very cautious about noise disturbance, dirt, traffic and parking, in order to preserve everyone’s safety and tranquility. Finally, our work coordinators raise awareness among our workers about accident prevention and safety rules.